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"Verbus Project"
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A new brazilian ministry of Midnight Call Mission International

Verbus- The Missionary Bus

Open Doors In Brazil

When we talk about Brazil overseas most people think about soccer, "Carnaval" and crime. Brazil is all that and more. A huge and marvelous country, with lots of problems and challenges, but that is truly opening the doors for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are dreaming of taking the Word of God, the good-news of salvation in Jesus and His Second Coming for the largest possible number of Brazilians. That's why we started the "Verbus Project".

What Is The "Verbus Project"?

Verbus is a dream that came true! For many years it was only a project. But now it's real. People have prayed, given offerings and now the bus is well equipped and ready to go. The "Verbus Project" has become a new branch of Midnight Call Mission International, based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. Verbus is a Scania bus made into a motor home that can take up to 12 people for the missionary work anywhere in Brazil.

Who Works At Verbus?

The leader of the project is Reinhold Federolf, a German missionary married to a Brazilian named Traudi, father of 7 sons and that loves Brazil. He has been preaching, given audio visual lectures and distributing Midnight Call's literature for many years. Now with the bus, the work can be broadened, made easier, with a bigger staff making the work more effective. Each trip will have a different staff. Midnight Call workers will take part in the activities as well as voluntaries, Bible school students and Sunday School students, from Brazil and abroad. This will be a very special opportunity to get to know the different churches and denominations of our country , different cultures of each region e mainly a chance to serve the Lord with the gifts their God-given gifts.

Verbus Practical Work

Congresses, seminars and church invitations and similar events will be the starting point for the trip to a certain place. Each trip, lasting between 2 and 4 weeks, will be used to its fullness to do as much as possible in that region, selling and distributing Christian literature, doing services in the churches and in open-air, schools, parks, etc.

We are looking forward to get associated with the local churches, because our experience has shown that the preachings about the imminent second Coming of Jesus is

Why the name "Verbus"?

Verbus, the bus that carries the Word of God. "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the

Father)" (John 1:14 KJV). Note that the Portuguese version says "Verbo" meaning "Verb" instead of Word. So, we want to preach Jesus, the Verb of Life!

See How you Can Help

  • Praying for the "Verbus Project"
  • Safety in the trips
  • Open doors to the Word of God
  • Good relations with the local Christians
  • Protection for Reinhold's family
  • Sending offers for the project
  • Telling people about it.
  • Taking part in the activities. Write us!

What Is Missing

  • A computer for the project's office
  • A projector and a laptop to record the pictures and texts in a CD.