The last time that the church we were visiting heard a message about the Second Coming of Jesus and the Rapture was 20 years ago!!!

Thousands of people can read on the back of
the bus the message: "Jesus saith: I am the way,
the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto
the Father, but by me"

The Verbus in front of the first church visited where
they welcomed us warmly during the Passover

Verbus, the Word's Bus

Each vehicle that is behind us at night can read the lightened message: "Jesus is coming back soon, are you ready?"

Please keep praying for the bus. We still need
some things (an outside logo, a sound system )
The sound system is very important to make
the announcements for the programs
and to invite the people

In our first trip with the bus we had the Haake
Family with us (Ingo, Ione, Melissa and Eunice)
and also Thomas Ackermann from southern
Germany , that was doing some voluntary
work with wood at Midnight Call in Brazil

We are happy for the people being
interested in our literature
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